Thursday, May 1, 2014

Blood Magic (Soul Tracker #1)Blood Magic by T.G. Ayer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Paranormal Perfection! I loved this book!

Mel (Melisandre) is a paranormal tracker. She helps those who haven’t gotten a case solved via normal police parameters find their loved ones.

Ever since her parent’s deaths and sisters abduction, she has been dedicated to helping others find their loved ones.

The higher paranormal powers that be have assigned Saleem to learn what he can about the pretty tracker.

Mel is on a current case where a little girl was abducted. Strange sigils on window pane make the case familiar. Dark magic protects the wards surrounding the young girl who has amazing telepathic powers.

Mel has to enlist the help of many friends in the process of trying to free the innocent girl and figure out how deep into the paranormal realm she must go to get to the bottom of a serious string of kidnappings and odd events.

Mel’s team is the best at doing what they do to create the support system that gets the jobs done one way or another. Things are heating up with Mel and Saleem. Can Mel get enough information from her current mission to unravel the conspiracy by those who practice dark magic?

This is a great book with a suspenseful plot that keeps you reading to find out what happens next. I loved the book and have fallen for the characters. The book is well written and the imagery transforms you the places that Mel can jump. It's a hypnotic read and I look forward to more of the series!

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