Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is There Anyone Out There?

I decided today to start a blog. Yes I know I am behind in the blogging revolution and something newer might come along. I'm not doing it to gain fame or fortune, I am doing it to cleanse my soul.
No one knows I am pursuing my soul cleansing via this method, but if no one knows who I am it doesn't matter.

I have been told I carry excess emotional baggage and I should just let it go. Well if I'm going to get rid of my physical excess baggage why not make it a complete transformation and let it all go.

I don't think it is as easy as everyone says. I don't feel like paying a "professional" who's just as screwed up as I am to listen to me talk and give me textbook answers. I can read the textbook myself and save myself a whole lot of money.

Well I'm not sure how this goes, but I'll jump in feet first, may end up on my head, but oh well.

I'm 36 married with two children. Live in the middle of the country and am approximately 100 lbs over weight by the medical standards. If I were supposed to be the weight recommended I would look like an anorexic piece of licorice. Just an analogy.

Any way, I have excess baggage in various types and I'm wanting to get rid of it. Thought I'd share the experience with the world in case anyone wants to follow suit. That way the world can be rid of a lot of excess baggage and maybe more than just myself will feel better at the end result.

Sorry to cut the introduction short, I have been told we have to proceed to Bed Bath and Beyond to solve the current shower curtain dilemma. I'll blog more later.