Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Be Wary of FB Auction Vendors

Hello all! I wanted to share with you an eye opening experience. I'm sure many of you have participated in Facebook pages photo album auctions. If not, well I did.

It was on the host page Just For Us Girls. I really wanted the skull bow that was offered up for a starting bid of $1.50. Well I received an invoice for it and it did not have any type of link or anything just skull bow. I had bid on mulitple items on different host sites and had received over 30 paypal invoices. Some were for items I never bid on, and other's were just looking for easy cash. I contacted paypal and they canceled all outstanding invoices until I could verify the link and knew for sure that I had bid on the item.

Rule of thumb, do not put your paypal address under the photo in the auction, that leaves you prey to anyone who views them. Instead simply put "if auction is won I will pay via paypal, please message me for address at auction end."

If they don't want to deal with that, then you don't want to deal with them!

Now, to complete the experience story. The vendor was named Punk's Pretties. When paypal canceled the invoice, she had a major meltdown. She sent me an email, here is an excerpt "i can send you another invoice for you to pay or i can report you to just for us girls and list you as a non-payer... let me know..."

I promptly replied letting her know what had happened and that I had every intention of paying the invoice once I verified it. Well she sent another invoice, it was for $1.00 more than the original invoice. When I asked her why she said, after 48 hours the sale price goes away. Sale, what sale? It was an auction! Besides that factor, it hadn't been 48 hours. The auction photo doesn't even say closed and that I won.

So now you have it. My warning to all, be very careful when bidding on Facebook page auctions and never leave your paypal address.

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