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Author Spotlight ~ V.C. Birlidis ~

I had the great pleasure of reading V.C.'s book, Muse Unexpected. I love Mythology, always have. I used to read the classic myths as a child and my love grew as I got older. One of the highlights of my college days was when I took Greek Mythology. I have never journeyed to that awe inspiring land, but find the next best thing is to read about it in books.

Muse Unexpected takes you into the world of the Muse. The Muses played a very vital part in Mythology. To foster your interest, here is an overview of the book.

"We're Muses. Not vampires, not fairies, not werewolves. We're Muses." Sophie was sure her mother had reached an epic level of crazy. 'Muses'? She thought Muses were lame, not to mention she found the idea ridiculous. However, Sophie couldn't explain away her physical transformation that made Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries look like a bad Walmart make-over, not to mention why her mood swings triggered an uncontrollable ability to shoot powerful bursts of energy out of her hands. Sophie soon realizes modern day Muses have evolved into powerful guardians of humankind, tasked with keeping mortals on the right path and the original Olympians locked away from the world. But old hatreds don't die easily, especially for immortal enemies that have an eternity to plot and gather their forces. Well aware of the Fates' foretelling of another Olympian war, and a young Muse that would rise up as a warrior and defeat them, the Olympians have vowed to either possess Sophie or destroy her. Either way, they will make sure everyone associated with their imprisonment will reap an eternal damnation in the Underworld, leaving the Olympians to restore Mount Olympus and force humankind into a future of never-ending servitude and misery.

Below is information taken from Vasilios' Amazon page giving a small insight to a very talented writer.

Vasilios Constantine Birlidis (V.C. Birlidis) was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and has always been involved in the arts. He attended the New World School of the Arts and was a member of The Miami Ballet.

His father worked at a bicycle repair shop while his mother, who suffered from kidney disease, managed the household and stretched a dollar to equal ten. Although they didn't have much, V.C. always felt blessed for the roof over his head, food on the table and a family who deeply loved each other. Laughter was a constant companion in family's household.

Mr. Birlidis moved to Ohio to attend college where he earned his Bachelor's degree in marketing and communications from Capital University. He currently is the Director of Marketing at one of the top midwest advertising agencies, SBC Advertising. He has freelanced as a writer for Outlook News and Tickled Pink Magazine, where he wrote a comical advice column, Ask V.

Five years in the making and inspired by the numerous Greek myths his father would utilize as demented bed time stories, Muse Unexpected is Mr. Birlidis' first novel. It is the first book in his Muse series.

One fond childhood memory for V.C. was when his father would read from a worn paperback of the Greek Myths. The many dark and sometimes terrifying stories would leave V.C. refusing to open any boxes, fearing that he would unleash Pandora's horrors, or even worse, he would refuse to pull a single weed, fearing he would pull Hades out of the Underworld.

As you can tell, he definitely had a vivid imagination and looking back he has always felt a certain level of thankfullness to his father, for the many sleepless, nightmare-filled nights. It was so worth it.

Here is the link to V.C.'s page and the link to purchase Muse Unexpected from Amazon and Barnes and Noble:

V.C. is a very personable author who likes to interact with fans. Catch him on Facebook at

Be sure to tell him I sent you and how much you enjoyed reading his book!

Muse UnexpectedMuse Unexpected by V.C. Birlidis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Brilliantly written! I love Mythology and V.C.'s approach to the amazing mythos is epic! The characters are entertaining and quirky! I love the story line and the way it flows. I can't wait for the next book!

Sophie's life takes a drastic turn when tragedy strikes. Whisked away to her grandmother's home across the ocean is unsettling to say the least. Sophie learns a monstrous family secret that creates a major metamorphosis. Sophie must chose whether to accept her fate or turn her back on mankind. Debts are called to be settled and the fight between myths collide. Will Sophie's life be a tragedy or great mythic legend?

The entire book held my attention and kept me reading well into the morning hours. My favorite rendition of gods and goddesses is Hades and Persephone! Superbly revamped from traditional takes on their characters, readers are treated to a wonderful glimpse of supernatural beings who are trying to embrace being mundane! I don't want to spoil anything from the book, but V.C. is a Maestro of Words!

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