Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Warning!!!!! Bad Experience with ThredUp

Hi, I just want to let you have some insight into the business practices of a company called ThredUp. Moolala was having a great deal for 50% off at ThredUp. ThredUp is a company out of California that helps match people up with people who are trying to sell boxes of recycled clothing.

Neat concept I concede. Well in the Moolala print of the deal it states you can buy 3 deals. 1 for you and two as a gift. I purchased 3 deals. It said that you could only use one per person and for new customers only. One was sent to a friend and I used the portion of another to have clothing sent to me for a needy family. I placed the order and somehow the address was not showing up correctly. I contacted their customer support and they fixed it, or so I thought. Well then I get the following email from them:

WARNING: Violation of thredUP Terms of Use
James Reinhart
Add to Contacts
To: psdpoling73@sbcglobal.net; psdpoling@sbcglobal.net
Hello -

You are receiving this email as a warning that you are in violation of thredUP's Terms of Use. Any further action on your behalf will require us to file suit against you in the State of Oklahoma. We take this matter very seriously.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

Fraud Monitoring Services

No further explanation of what had been violated or what was going on, just we will sue you and we have suspended your account. Legal threats over a $16 box of clothing. Wow, really?

Well I was not at all happy about being threatened! I went to their Facebook page a posted "Suing people over clothing is not cool". This led to a discussion about their business practices. Well Mr. Reinhart did not like the fact that his company was receiving posts about others being unhappy too. He removed the comments and blocked me from the page. He then sent me an email saying we violated the agreement when we signed up by having more than one account for our address. Well this is also incorrect. We have one account for our address, the other was supposed to be set up under my mother's account and Samantha at customer service was contacted and the address changed. No mention at that time was made to how our account was or was still in violation of their policy?

Is it okay for businesses to bully their customers? I don't think so. Be wary when or if you do business with ThredUp, or any other business! Also contact your State Consumer Protection Agency and file a complaint with them.

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