Sunday, January 9, 2011


Many of us lucky individuals received e-book readers for Christmas or as a gift last year for another occasion. I personally have a Kindle 2 and a nookcolor. Both are very functional e-readers and I still use both. I do however tend to favor the nookcolor now because it has a backlight and I can access the web a lot easier than I can with the Kindle. 

I love to read and have read more than 1,000 books in 2010. I can read a 275 page book in a matter of hours. My children constantly complain about the fact that I read to much or all I do is read. It's my escape, my sanctuary so to speak, I love it and enjoy being able to transport myself into the story.

My favorite blog when it comes to reading recommended books is 

Make sure to check out the site. There are several reviews and interviews with authors. The site is the one I go to so I can find other books by authors I am not familiar with, but write in the same genre or another I might be interested in. Jo-Anne who owns the site is an amazing person who loves to read! She lives in Perth, Australia and enjoys interacting on Facebook too! Trust me when I say, you will not be disappointed. 

Feel free to leave any comments or recommendations! Have a good one!

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