Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year 2011

As you can see I tried this once before. A lot has happened in last year, I'll take you along for the ride! Buckle up Buttercup!!

Well I ran across this page in the Google search engine. It is part of my New Year's resolution to do something different. I want to share and want you to share in return. If we help each other and it spreads like a epidemic disease then maybe more people will benefit from it!

Many of us feel we are "Just Another Face'. A person who falls within several categories. not famous, maybe overweight, has health issues, ect. We don't feel we have a voice or an outlet. Well I'm hoping that with this website, that can change.

I'm not just another blogger, I'm not searching for fame or trying to sell you something you don't need. I'm an average person. I have bills, and issues just like you. I shop at some similar store, wear similar clothing, and have similar family problems, and just plain feel trapped sometimes within a never ending merry-go-round that I want to get off on or at least learn how to have fun while riding.

So stay tuned to this blog and please comment, good or bad, it's your choice.

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