Monday, January 3, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and Birds Falling from the Sky

Well I'm sure you have seen the news reports about the mystery surrounding the 5,000 black birds that fell from the sky. They have speculated anything from hail and lightning to toxic air. Now we are informed that 125 miles to the West, 100,000 one species of fish have turned up dead along the banks of the Arkansas. Is it finally a biological attack? Who knows. While we are going on with our daily lives, I bet someone in Washington is trying to decide whether or not to tell us just what is going on. I'm sure they will cover up the actual truth with the reasoning of not wanting to cause a mass panic. It makes me wonder just how much we are allowed to know. After watching movies like 2012, The Day after Tomorrow, and so on, it leaves you wondering who will survive. Surely those with money and power of course. Well I guess I can use the fact that I won't be allowed on the Ark to remain intact with all my vices and just let the wave swallow me up, or I can get off my arse and get healthy and contribute something to society. Who knows, my blog may end up on Air Force One.....

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